Provincial Councils were established with the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka and the subject of Local Government as a subject of the Provincial Council was vested with the Commissioner of Local Government of the Local Government Department. In accordance with the above rules, the functions of the Commissioner of Local Government have been established in the respective Provincial Councils for the districts belonging to the Provincial Council to carry out the functions and functions of the Commissioner of Local Government.

The Assistant Commissioner of Local Government was appointed as the head of the office of the Assistant Commissioner of Local Government and a dedicated staff was also provided.

The Gampaha Local Government Assistant Commissioner’s Office was established in 1995 as the focal point of Local Government in the Gampaha District to provide oversight, advice, guidance and coordination of the Local Government in the District and provided a continuous service for 22 years. It is planned to create a unique website in order to provide those services more easily and accurately in future.


“Effective Local Government Service with Good Governance”


“To ensure that good governance work in the Gampaha District by acting as a friendly guide and philosopher for local authorities and clients”


  • Co-ordinate and oversee the establishment, human resources management and disciplinary activities of the staff working in the Local Government Institutions in the Gampaha District.
  • Providing necessary financial assistance to the Local Authorities to meet the needs of the public by developing the identified infrastructure through the implementation of the Development Plan of the Gampaha District..
  • Human Resource Development by conducting training programs in order to enable the Local Authorities to obtain the most effective and efficient service.
  • Performing the supervision and inspection work assigned to him by the Minister in charge of the subject of Local Government in accordance with the regulations pertaining to the Local Authorities of the District.
  • Identifying the public needs of the district and guiding the implementation of various community development activities in relation to public institutions.
  • Advising and guiding to ensure the good governance of the Local Authorities in the District.
  • Implementing a systematic and systematic program to manage the activities of the Local Authorities in the District.