1. Provincial Financial Rules Model Form
  2. Justification report form
  3. Application for seeking approval under Section 132 (d), (g), (h), (k) of the Pradeshiya Sabha Act No.15 of 1987
  4. Application for naming street and monuments.
  5. Land Acquisition Application
  6. Application for approval of the Government Expenditure Control Committee when purchasing government vehicles
  7. NBF form.
  8. Application for obtaining the prior approval of the Minister in charge of the long term lease.
  9. Application of the relevant Local Authority
  10. Application for seeking the approval of the Hon. Minister for the sale / exchange / lease of lands / buildings belonging to a Pradeshiya Sabha under Section 19 (1) (xI) 19 (xII) of the Pradeshiya Sabha Act
  11. Obtaining Approval for Vacancies in the Approved Cadre