• Create a good local government system that ensures good governance for clients.
  • Facilitate inquiries and requirements to be met by local authorities outside the normal office hours.
  • Enabling clients to pay tax using new technology.
  • Updating Local Authorities Ordinances and Acts to suit the timely needs of the clients. Essential services such as building plans, block designs, street lines, and creating the desired environment within a short period of time.
  • Creating a healthier environment for citizens by introducing scientific methodology for waste disposal.
  • Minimize problems by providing reasonable solutions for public complaints.

Services provided to the Local Government Authorities.

  1. Enhance the ability to get the required staff to perform the duties of their area of ​​authority.
  2. To carry out preliminary work necessary to provide essential financial assistance for essential development projects.
  3. Conducting training programs and improving the knowledge of the staff through the organization.
  4. To guide the organization in compliance with rules and regulations.
  5. Providing necessary guidance to maintain libraries, pre-schools and Ayurvedic clinics in the area.
  6. Guidance on recovery of statutory income.
  7. To support the creation of a timely and differentiated institutional system.
  8. Provide opportunities to develop the skills and competencies of the staff.
  9. Providing necessary guidance to resolve public complaints.
  10. Provide necessary support to the institution in the waste management process